Mobility Alliance Group focuses on creating awareness about mobility issues in the elderly and people with disabilities. We aim to help improve mobility in all people from a young age. Mobility refers to how well you are able to move around, get up and sit down, how fast you can move, and how you can use your arms and legs.

Mobility decreases as people get older. It is important that our elderly have the knowledge and means to improve their mobility and lessen the effect it has on their independence. At Mobility Alliance, this is something that is at the top of our priority list. Being mobile and independent is very important for one’s confidence and quality of life. The information on this site aims to help those who want to keep their quality of life and independence.

The elderly are not the only ones who struggle with mobility. Many disabilities, both mental and physical, can cause limited mobility. People with disabilities are one of the biggest minority groups and they are often marginalized and stereotyped. Our hope is, that with this site and the information we share, we can create more awareness and help people with disabilities live better lives. If they can take care of themselves, they will have more confidence.

Obviously, the degree to which mobility can be improved depends on the person’s body and the severity of a disability. At Mobility Alliance Group, we are not concerned about how little the improvement, we only care that there is an improvement.