Advertise with Us

Mobility Alliance Group is a non-profit organization. However, we do need funds to keep going and to offer our community good care, information, and opportunities. We mainly function of funds that we raise through different projects. Another way we gather funds is through advertisements on this blog.

Advertising with us has two benefits: first, you get your organization, product or service made visible; and second, you help out our team to keep up the great work they do. If you own, work at, or know of a business or organization that would benefit from this, please contact us. Niche-related businesses do very well, but other businesses can also get great exposure.

To advertise with us, please contact us via email and include the following information:

1. Your name and the name of the business or organization that you represent.

2. Tell us more about your business and niche.

3. Indicate what type of advertisement you have in mind – video, picture, poster, etc.

4. Indicate how long you would like to keep the ad running.

5. Any other information you feel we should know.

The cost of an advertisement runs at approximately $50 per day. For long-term advertisements, we offer discounts. The exact cost can only be determined once you have sent us all your information. The type of ad and how much information it includes will determine the cost. The time for which it will run will also have an influence.

Please contact us today if you would like to advertise in the Mobility Alliance Group blog site.