Write for Us

For us to make an impact and learn more about health and mobility, Mobility Alliance Group needs your help. We invite you to write for us. We need writers who can offer insight and advice on health, mobility, and disability related issues. We need people who are willing to share their story with us. People who struggle with these issues and have successfully improved themselves, have a lot to offer. We need stories of encouragement for our readers.

If you are interested in writing for us, please send us the following details by email:

  • Full name and contact details.
  • A brief explanation of what you can offer as a writer. Tell us what you want to write about, what your experience in the field is, or how you have overcome a difficulty.
  • Indicate whether you want to write for us on a permanent basis or just once-off.
  • Indicate whether you want to write your article yourself or prefer someone on our team to help you.


Sharing your knowledge, experience, and stories can help others feel less helpless and left out. You can inspire people to strive for better health and mobility. People always feel motivated when someone who was in their situation, go out of it or at least felt better. Become a part of something great and join our community of writers and readers. You can help make a difference.

Feel free to contact us with questions. Please comment and share your thoughts on the topics we share with you.